Tuesday, September 25, 2007


it's been an incredibly long day. first of all i'm simply getting lost everywhere i go, and that is making me late everywhere i go. i absolutely hate being late. i'm not a late person, and it's been hard for me to be late. i'm trying but i keep getting lost and i'm having trouble estimating how long it will take me to get from one location to the next.
jace had school again today and had another good day. when we got there and he walked in the room one kid yelled hello jace and that made jace so happy that the kid remembered him and his name. emily had her first day of school today. we went i with her to meet her teacher and find her classroom. she has a locker and she really liked that. her teacher sent me an email during the afternoon letting me know that emily was having a great day and a basic update on what emily was doing. i thought it was great that the teacher emailed me an update like that. i was super impressed. when i picked emily up she was very excited about her day and really liked her new school. so that's good.
benjamin, ariana, and i went walking at the mall again this morning with some local moms, and then afterwards we met a larger group of moms at the mall's playarea for a playgroup. it was alot of fun and nice to get out with other moms!
the phone guy was here for 2 hrs and he still can't get the phone to work. he is going to have to come back tomorrow and is expecting to be here all afternoon. so i have one phone in the back of the house main level sunroom. so yeah i have to be close to hear it ring.
the kids are driving me absolutely insane. they are beyond hyper, and not listening to me at all. there has been lots of fighting and yelling, and complete disobedience. i'm praying to god that things level out soon and that we can get on a good schedule.
today's been a bit depressing. it's rained most of the day and is pretty cold outside. it's supposed to get super cold tonight and then rain all day tomorrow as well. it makes for a dreary time.
tonight we are going to walmart to get some school shopping done. all the kids need school supplies and we need a few basic house things.
again missing everyone, especially bri!

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