Saturday, September 22, 2007

First Post....

in Iowa. We are here. We got in around 8pm thursday night. It was a LONG trip. Benjamin threw tons of fits because he was bored, and Emily started asking if we were there yet about 30 minutes into the 10 something hour trip. We pulled over on the highway 4 times to deal with the children, and made 5 full stops at stop points along the way. It was long and tiring and not what I would call fun. We got in and went to the grocery store before coming home. We also found out that Brian's direct deposit got all screwed up so as of right now we still haven't gotten his paycheck which clearly makes money pretty tight.
We got all the school stuff done yesterday. Jace will start school Monday and he will go 5 mornings a week. Benjamin will also start school Monday (same school as Jace) and he will go on Monday and Wednesday mornings. Emily will start school on Tuesday. So the kids are excited.
They are loving it here! They've been very busy outside in the big fenced yard and have spent alot of time playing. We have 3 apple trees and they've been climbing. I'm assuming there will be an injury at some point! :) Ben is doing well. He's calmed down alot and we've only heard that he's scared twice so far. He's still not eating well but I'm hoping that will situate soon.
Today the cable/phone/and internet guy is here! YEAH!!!!!!! Then we are going to go out and explore for a bit and let the kids see some more of the city.
Brian leaves tomorrow. Time is going fast. I'm not sure what I think about him leaving. I'm still a bit nervous about being here by myself. We shall see.
Anyways sorry for not getting everyone called yet. things have been so hectic around here! I promise as soon as we get situated I'll call!
Hugs and missing all of you so much!

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