Thursday, September 20, 2007

Last Blog.....

This is my last blog while living in Wichita. WOW. We aren't quite on schedule anymore and will be leaving later than 7am. The one day we wanted to be moving early the kids are still asleep among other things! I will not have internet for a few days! If you need me call my cell phone! If you need my cell phone number you can email me at and the email will come to my cell phone! I will miss all of you more than you will ever know!
E~I know you are reading this. I had fun last night getting to chat for a bit! I will miss you soooo much! I will definately be seeing you in 3 weeks though! HUGS and belly rubs to thumper!!!


Anonymous said...

Aww so soon! Wow! I wish you guys a safe journey and hope that you all settle well in your new home.

Nicole V (you know me, from your forum)

Em said...

Hey! Missing you tons already - I can't wait until you make it back here to visit!

Hope your trip went well and you guys made it there safely and mostly still sane!