Thursday, April 1, 2010


I have never F#cking hated someone more in her life than i do right now. i'm so upset and so angry that i can't stop shaking. i don't know if i should scream or cry or pound my head into the wall. i sooooo can't deal with this.
my piece of fucking shit exhusband called srs on me because he's mad at me cause he has to pay child support. 1st he told them i was homeschooling. they told him that's legal and they don't investigate. so he came up with a lie so they would. he told them i allow my children to play outside unsupervised. so now i'm being investigated. they are going to my childrens schools and everything.
as most of you know he's threatened and harrassed me since i moved here in january of 2009. i have had to call the police on him multiple times and have a stack of case numbers against him. he is angry at me so he's doing this crap to try and make my life miserable. he's mad because i'm homeschooling. so he called them originally about that. they refused to investigate for homeschooling which is legal so he made up a bullshit story about them playing outside in our yard unsupervised.
now emily is crying and incredibly upset because she's now not allowed to go outside and play. she's upset that her father is ruining her life and she says he's supposed to love her and clearly he doesn't. this is all directly from her mouth. she says she doesn't want to speak to him or see him again.
i don't know what to do. actually i do. file a restraining order tomorrow at the local court house. i'm done with the abuse and harrassment.
i told the srs lady that he was abusing the system and she told me what needed to be done to get him in trouble for that and i will be doing that as well.

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AllyC said...

How shitty! I'm so sorry he's harassing you so much! Glad to hear you're getting a restraining order. Keep doing what you're doing and hold your head up! Don't let him win by bothering you, you're a good mom!