Monday, April 19, 2010

Workout and "concerned citizen"

Today was NOT an amazing workout. I was getting ready to leave for the Y, when Eli's OT called saying she had a last minute opening and would be at our place in 1 hour. So workout cancelled and home I was. I ran Ben to school and then ran to the Y 4 hours late. It was a mess. My leg had sharp pains in it and I just wasn't with the workout. I got right under 4 miles in between the track, treadmill, and bike. It is better than nothing but just not what I had hoped for.

Also to answer some questions that have come up. The fence was schedualed to be put in from the moment we 1st looked at our house. It was signed into our lease long before a stupid citizen called SRS. I have signed proof of that. SRS was told that the moment she came and she logged that. So the concerned citizen ass hole can shove it and leave me and MY children alone.

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