Thursday, April 29, 2010

EEG done

Eli had his EEG yesterday. He did really well. They were only able to use 16 of the electrodes since his head is so tiny! He didn't like having the markings done and all of the electrodes put on, but then they let him nurse for the test and he did really well. He only tried to stretch a few times but other than that stayed really still, so no sedation needed! He was so sleepy when it was over the tech had no problems getting all of the electrodes removed. He has his MRI on Tuesday so then we will get full results. That one is a guaranteed sedation. Not looking forward to that at all.
This morning little man has a slightly elevated temp, but nothing to call doc about yet, but watching. He is a bit fussy so we will see how his day goes. He lost weight again last night, but still up a bit in general from last week.

The other kids are doing well. Busy with school. Jace has made some huge advancements since changing school district. We knew that we had moved to a better district but didn't expect this huge of an increase. His teacher is really impressed! He's even reading short chapter books! Benjamin is on his final countdown. His teacher has really been pushing him alot on turning 5 and on kindergarten and the changes he will be facing next year. We know he's hearing it all but I'm not sure if he really gets what we are saying. I think next year will be really tough on him. Emily is finishing up her school work here at home, and has almost completed the work for the year. She's doing well with her counseling and has definitely been gaining some confidence. We all really agree that this was the best choice for Emily. Ari is the princess as always! She is also beginning to learn to write. She's working on her name right now and is doing pretty good copying what we write! "A" is her favorite letter.

Bob is working as always. He's gone 4 days a week for 12 hrs a day. His days home are pretty busy. Not much changes there.
I'm same as always. I've lost another 2 lbs, but seem to be stuck again. Probably doesn't help that I can't seem to consistently get to the Y. I'm working on my lace project still and making some progress! I'm really enjoying it and can't wait to see this one completed and start on some harder chart patterns! Tonight is knitting night again and I'm really looking forward to it.

Lastly the fence is done. YIPPPEEEE! The kids are loving it and so are we!

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