Friday, April 2, 2010

i hate stupid people

Just to make this clear to those who don't know EVERYTHING. I have done nothing wrong and the police, SRS, and everyone else agree. They are required to check out all cases of child neglect/abuse.
And so everyone is also clear. if we all remember like a year and a half ago in iowa guess who was turned into DHS for CHILD ABUSE. That's right folks. It was brian. His own son reported him to the schools for physically abusing him. His son said that Brian threw him into a door causing him to hit his eye and end up bruised. Did Brian do this? i don't know. he says he didn't. He is the only one who knows for sure. So i find it interesting that he now thinks calling SRS on me because I'm homeschooling is ok. God knows i'm not the only parent who home schools. SRS thought it was funny that he tried to turn me in for it, the police thought it was downright fucking hilarious. so do the nurses who are in my home 7freaking days a week for over 50 hours a week.
some people are such pieces of shit. lol

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