Thursday, April 1, 2010


Police called per suggestion. Reports/case filed. Suggested that I get a restraining order tomorrow. The kids are very upset. The oldest 2 got into it with their father via text msg this evening. I thought about stopping them, BUT allowed them to discuss it with him as long as they were respectful of the fact that he is still their father. I'm tired of sheltering them and always covering for him, allowing them to always think beautiful smelling roses of Brian. It's such crap. They can discuss with him freely as they would like. Emily is 9 years old and has her own opinions and voice and I will forever encourage her to be her own woman and think and speak for herself! Jace is my super protective mama's boy and was all roughed and toughed up and ready to rumble. He was sooooo cute! I felt so proud of my little man. Totally melted my heart!
I will end with my facebook status update as it sums it all up....

"raging tooth infection pain. CHECK. horrible day with SRS/police/exhusband. CHECK. cranky kids. CHECK. Missing Stitch and Bitch. CHECK. amazing friend who ditches Stitch and Bitch to come hang out with me and above cranky kids AND brings me a huge chocolate milkshake. CHECK. I feel so blessed! :)"

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