Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekly check-in

Quick Weekly Check In!

Eli~ Eli's cough has been getting worse and worse. they aren't sure what is going on. His eye also started acting up and he had to go on eye drops. As of right now they have all but 1 of his tests schedualed. EEG, EKG, ECHO, xray, and we are waiting on the MRI with sedation to be schedualed. Tests begin next week. He will also be meeting with the cardiologist, neurologist, and pulmonologist. Hoping to get some answers soon. He's lost some weight and can't seem to get it back. He's at 10lb 4.5oz right now.

Ari~ She's doing well. She's really showing an interest in potty learning so we are hoping to get switched over to underwear this next week. Worked for the others so we will see how she does as well! Other than that she's super busy playing with her barbies, pony's and tinkerbell!

Ben~ He's busy finishing out the school year. We are working on his kindergarten enrollment and getting all of his IEP's transferred over. He has had 2 of his meetings so far with a team who will help figure out what resources Ben needs and help us find them. We are looking forward to the next meeting where we begin to plan some things out. He has a big field trip coming up this next week so it will be a 7 hr school day for him. We will see how he does.

Jace~ He's doing well. Struggling still a bit with some of his academics at school. Speech has met with him to get all of that restarted. He's super excited to finally be drinking milk! We have switched over to raw milk and he seems to be doing great with it! He thought it was so fun to go out to the farm and see all of the animals and get gallons of raw milk right there and get to come home and actualy drink it! He's still on all of his meds and probably always will be.

Emily~ She's doing well with her school work. She just completed Tom Sawyer and wrote a 4 page book report! She is going to be moving on to Huck Finn! She's had 2 counseling sessions so far and goes back this week as well. Right now she is going weekly. She seems to like her counselor and that's a huge plus. She's already given us some great ideas, so hoping to continue strong!

Bob~ He's busy working, working, working. That's pretty much what he does. He greatly enjoys his 3 days off each week, even though they seem to go soooo fast! We spend as much time together as a family on those 3 days as we possibly can!

Me~ I've been working out, TONS. I'm loving it and so excited with everything I'm accomplishing! I've lost 8lbs in the last week and a half so I'm super excited about that! Other than that just trying to keep up with the house and kids and all of that. My birthday is coming up on Wednesday, and I can't believe that another year has already flown by.

The fence will be finished next weekend. After they expanded the back run they don't have enough materials to finish it all. They have the front and side strip almost done, still working on it right now. The last side strip will be all that is left! The kids are loving the huge backyard and are outside constantly!

More updates during the week as Eli has all of his testing and appointments and such.

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