Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Quick Check In

The last few days haven't been much of anything. Monday was just getting thru the day. Bob worked and Eli's nurses was sick so it was just me and the 5 kids. We didn't do a whole heck of a lot!
Tuesday Bob was off so we ran some errands with the kids and such. We baked some banana bread and had breakfast for dinner. A favorite of all in my house! We did hear back from Eli's doc yesterday and all of the chromosomal testing came back good. So they were happy about that.
Today Mr Eli has his EEG. We check in at 2:15 and they are hoping to start around 2:30. Hoping he cooperates because if he doesn't this is another test that will have to be done with sedation, and with Eli that's something that we always try to avoid.
The kids are down to less than a month of school left. I'm sooo ready for summer break and so are they! It will be nice to not have to drive everyone all over the place every day and to get to actually spend some time at home!
Other than that not much new going on. Same stuff, different day. I will update today after his EEG.

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