Monday, April 12, 2010

Home for the moment

Eli got discharged around 11pm last night. They docs and nurses all love us and know that we know what to watch for and how to take care of Eli, so they discharged us late last night so we could be home! He had a doc appt 1st thing for labs and a checkin. His labs have come down a bit. She is now adding a neurologist and a pulmonologist to Eli's team of specialists. He will also be having another chest xray this week and frequently after to try and get 1 clear xray to use as a baseline. all of these will be done at the hospital as they have better capabilities. They are also going to do the sedation MRI. One of his doctors is actually going to come and do the sedation. They feel more comfortable doing it that way, with all of Eli's problems. So they are getting all of that schedualed and I should hear back within an hour on when we are headed up for all of that. His doc has also now added pulmicort to his albuteral and we will see if that makes any difference. His kidney panel came back looking good, and the initial urine tests looks good, waiting on the full culture by morning. They can't figure out what's going on and why Eli constnantly has fluid in his lungs. Hopefully we will start getting some answers soon. In the mean time little man isn't thrilled. he was up alot last night coughing and gagging and choking. Both arms and both feet are all bruised up from all of the lab work and IV's and he's just in general exhausted. Heck so am I. I'm going to try and get a few things done here at the house while I wait for the doc, but motivation is seriously lacking.
More updates as we get them.

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