Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Quick Eli Update

Yesterday Mr Eli woke up with a fever again and was definitely not feeling well. The doc decided to treat with some tylenol and wait and see. They are thinking that as the new pulmicort is loosening up everything in his lungs, that might be what is causing the fever. It did go down well after the tylenol but he was still very fussy all day. Didn't want a bottle at all, and wanted to nurse alot, but didn't eat alot. For other nursing moms, you know what I mean! He was pretty grumpy all day, but slept decently last night. He's still asleep this morning, so we will see.
He goes in next week for his MRI and chest xray. Then on the 28th he has an EEG, and then will be meeting with the neurologist. They also have an appt schedualed with the pulmonologist. So many new doctors. Definitely interested to see the results from the MRI and EEG. Will be calling the cardiologist today to get his ECHO and EKG schedualed hopefully in the next week or two.
Everyone else is same old same old. Nothing much new! more updates soon.

***Almost forgot one of the most important pieces of news. The back fence is up. You can't get to the train tracks AT ALL. no way no how. It's a super tall privacy fence!!! The sides will be put up this weekend. Pictures for proof will follow. That ends this public service announcement.***


CNH said...

YAY on the fence. Definitely still praying that some answers are found for Mr. E.

I'll be done editing this weekend! :)

Heather said...

yippeeee! can't wait to see all of the pictures and get them printed and put up around the house! I don't have a single family photo around the house right now. :) My birthday is 1 week from today so I'm going to print pictures and buy frames for myself! hehe