Sunday, April 25, 2010

Busy but good 4 days

Wow it's been a busy few days.
Thursday~ I went to my knitting night without having to spend 2 hours driving everyone everywhere. It was the sitters 1st night AND eli had his nurse. I had an amazingly relaxing time!!! I am learning lace knitting and greatly enjoyed myself!
Friday~We ran errands in the morning. Then the SRS lady came and spoke to Bob and finished up her investigation. She is finding ALL of the claims completely unsubstantiated and if his dumb ass tries to file more false complaints they will go directly to her and she advised us to continue to file a police report for each one, which we will obviously do. THEN we went on DATE NIGHT!!! It was our sitters 2nd night AND again Eli had his nurse. We had 6 glorious hours! We went out to dinner, shopping at lowes, out to a movie, out for some super yummy dessert, and then did our grocery shopping kid free! When we got home all 5 kids were asleep! It was super nice and relaxing! Can't wait to get to do this again in 2 weeks!
Saturday~We had homemade Belgium waffles for breakfast. After breakfast Bob took the 4 older kids out birthday shopping for me and I relaxed at home working on my lace knitting! We all met back up for lunch together as a family, then put on swim suits and headed out. We spent 2 hours at the Y pool. The kids had a blast. Jace and Emily went on the big slide by themselves with no problem. The little 2 played on the kids slide and practiced floating and holding their breath under water. Ben did amazing, as well as Ari! Their 1st time to not freak out at a pool! We all came home, cleaned up, and headed to my parents for a birthday BBQ. I got some great gifts and had a nice time! My parents kept the older 4 since they all had church 1st thing this morning.
Bob and I headed home with little man and got some SLEEP!!!
Sunday~We had a nice morning quietly together with Mr Eli before Bob headed off for work. This morning bob went to head for work and his tire was completely flat. I ran him to work and he took a long lunch and we were able to go get it fixed. The kids and I have spent a quiet evening at home working on a secret project and hanging out.
All in all it's been a good few days. We've spent alot of time hanging out as a family and it was really needed before heading into this next week. We have alot of appointments and testing coming up this week, and everyone will be in full swing again with school and work! fun times!
we will update this week as we get some info from all of the testing and such!

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