Friday, April 9, 2010

What a freaking day

My Thought for the Day:
**wishes the world was flat and that some people would accidentally step right off the edge.**

With that being said...
My ex is continuing on his path to earning an award for being the crappiest person EVER on the face of this freaking planet. I cashed his child support check like i have for the last 2 months AS AGREED. He promised that he would ALWAYS allow the checks to clear. Well 9 days later the money is taken back out of my account causing TONS of shit to bounce because I had used the child support to pay some of the childrens bills. So now that $250 child support check has cost me $505. I'm so freaking pissed. I have no clue how the hell he expects me to take care of the children when he pulls that kind of bullshit. Guess Jace won't be getting new shoes this weekend after all.

In other news....Mr Eli as been on the nebulizer for 2 nights now. It seems to be helping some but not completely. After 2 trips to the doc office, 2 labs, and 4 sticks they finally got his lab work drawn up yesterday. Now we wait 2 weeks for the results. YUCKY.
Emily is doing well. Working away on school work and also getting situated in her workouts at the Y. She really enjoys it and did a great job yesterday.
Jace is doing well in school also. His new school has a different way of doing things and it seems to work alot better for him. We think the curriculm and his teacher will be very good for him.
Benjamin is same old same old. Never know from moment to moment how he will be. We are getting all of his paperwork situated for starting kindergarten next year and will be having an IEP mtg soon. We are also meeting with some people today to try and set up a behavioral plan for Ben. Hoping to get some good tips and suggestions.
Ari is the same as always. Little miss princess!

Tonight is the circus with Rainbows. We were able to go last year as well and the kids really enjoyed it! Looking forward to getting to go this year as a family!


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding. He is paying $250. for 4 kids. That is crap for sure.

Heather said...

actually he has only done that for 1 month. other than that he hasn't paid at all. he doesn't think he should have to pay child support. that soooo isn't what kansas guidelines dictate that he should pay.

Samantha said...

Income witholdings!!!!!