Sunday, March 28, 2010

Updates and Photos

Sorry for the big delay on updates. We've had a busy few days. I seem to be having a heck of a time with allergies or a cold, not quite sure which one but either way it hasn't been any fun. Bob has been busy working.
Emily is working away with homeschooling. She's loving it and we are sooo happy that we all made the choice that we did. She begins her counseling this week. She went to a birthday party today, and had a chance to spend some time with one of her friends from her old school. She is finally able to go brace free and is loving having full use of her hand and arm again!
Jace is doing well with school, and enjoying making some new friends. He went to a birthday party this weekend, and that gave him a chance to get to know his new classmates even more.
Benjamin had a field trip last week so he was at school for a full 6 hours. He was exhausted when he got home but he definitely had fun. They are getting him an emergency appt with a psychologist. We should be getting in next week they are hoping, his waiver worker had to get all of the proper referrals and paperwork. They are also considering doing a crisis application with Ben to help get him some additional services quicker. Also looking into some weight blankets/vests, and possibly a cocoon swing. Hoping to find out more details on all of that this next week.
Ariana is doing good. She's working on figuring out how to get her pants on and off and get herself on and off the potty. She's loving being miss independant. We cleaned up her room a bit and got all of her dollhouse, pony's and barbies organized. She has spent the last few days in there almost constantly playing with them.
Eli has been a mess the last few days. He cries and cries. Nobody is quite sure why. His nurse and I were chatting today and we think he might be teething. Hoping to get some teething tablets tomorrow and see if that helps. His morning weight today was 9lbs 14.6oz!!! Getting so big. Looks like we might just meet our goal of 10lbs by Easter!!! today he was quite unhappy and looked oh so cute. I of course took some photos. Here they are Many Faces of Eli
Bob and I had our 1st date night in 6 months. We went to a local fundraiser called Death by Chocolate. It was sooooo yummy. It was fun dressing up, eating tons of yummy chocolate, watching the fashion show, listening to music, and talking uninterrupted!
Below are some pictures of Bob and I from our night out and then the last photos of my children this evening heading to bed!

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