Sunday, March 14, 2010

Time keeps flying by

life has been hectic. beyond hectic.

Eli~ my little man is doing well. He weighed in at 9lbs 6oz this morning. :) He's growing and doing so good with his eating. He's been fighting sleep alot which makes him pretty fussy. we are really pushing the therapies with him right now. Alot of tummy time, grasping and holding things, stimulation and conversation, etc.. He saw his doc last week and she's a bit concerned with a few things. First he isn't making any sounds at all. Even when he cries it's silent until he's REALLY angry and then there is a sound, other than that nothing. He doesn't smile, and doesn't focus and track that way she would like. He also has gotten so used to always being on his left side that he won't look to his right and the left side of his head is slightly flat. The left is the side he doesn't choke on so it's been the preferred way of laying him and feeding him. his neck muscles are tight on the right so she's really wanting us to push with working on that as well. Everyone has been doing a great job of immediately implementing everything and we are hoping to see some changes for the positive soon. His nurses are finally situated as well. We have 3 nurses now. 1 of them is here twice a week, 1 once a week, and 1 is here 4 times a week. We've gotten to be good friends with all of his nurses and we all work well together as a team.

this morning Emily and Jace got baptised at church. They did a great job (jace did get a bit scared but did well) and we are both so proud of them. Emily also got her cast off last week and is now in a brace. She can take that off in 2 weeks and go back to normal life. She's definitely ready! Jace has been pushing it a bit with his food choices and has paid for it a bit with upset stomachs. He also forgets his meds sometimes and this obviously doesn't help matters at all. all 3 of the older kids are on spring break this week. Hoping to find some activities to help keep them busy and not so bored. Benjamin is just Benjamin. He's always into something and needs constant watching. We bought him some Color Wonder markers and paper and I'm looking forward to trying them out with him this week. Hoping it helps when he can have something without an adult hanging over him constantly. Ariana is the same little princess she has always been. She's got quite the little attitude and usually has no problems holding her own with her siblings!

Bob and I. We've been busy unpacking. He's getting a touch of time off work here and there the last few days during slow times and it's really helped us get situated quickly. We have a few pictures and shelves left to hang, and a few office boxes to unpack but other than that we are done!!!! I've been getting a little crocheting done but nothing major. Right now I'm currently working on a floor blanket for Mr eli.

I will get pictures up this week as the kids will all actually be around for me to get some good pics!

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