Saturday, March 13, 2010


Here's how comments work on my blog just so everyone knows...if you don't have the balls to sign the name to your insults it won't be posted publicly on my blog. I'm glad someone out there seems to enjoy harrassing and attempting to cause trouble, but why don't you step up and actually take ownership for what you are saying/doing.

to everyone else who knows how to use comments we thank you!


Alioops said...

I cant believe you have to even write that!

What is this world coming to?

I only have a minute of online time, I am a momma to 5 too:-), who also shares that special bond of being a mum to a son with autism.
I will come back later with a proper intro but wanted to give you some cyber support. You are a great mum and a wonderful person (I should know I have been following you for a while now ;-)).
To be a mum of 5 is hard enough but when you add children with special needs it is a whole different adventure. One that many have not experiend!

Keep up the good work!

Alison in Australia

Brian said...

It ain't me