Monday, March 8, 2010

Moved In

Well we are completely moved in, but definitely not done unpacking. :( It's been a long few days, and a few more long ones to come. We don't have cable or internet yet as their first available install wasn't until March 19th. Soooo the kids are already bored without it, and I'm missing the internet a bit!

Eli has done well with the move, much better than expected. He has gained some more weight!! 9lbs 0.2oz this morning! So another pound marker we've passed! The continuous night feeds seem to really be the key!

The older 4 are doing well. Busy unpacking and exploring the new house. We can't wait for Friday night to have our 1st family movie night in our new huge family room! Bob's back at work, and I'm home unpacking. Fun stuff.

Updates will be sporadic as they are hard to do from my phone, and I'm not always at a house with internet access! Will update as I can!

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