Thursday, March 11, 2010

Grouchy Little Man

Mr Eli is grumpy. He's been super fussy lately and wanting held constantly. He nurses frequently at times, and then no at all at other times. It's a constant juggling act to keep his feedings consistent and enough. We've changed is night feedings from 35cc/hr X 8 hrs to 40cc/hr X 8hrs. We are hoping that will help level him out a bit during the day. Right now I'm scrambling to find a baby carrier that won't smash his Mickey and will allow me to be completely hands free and get things done. There are so many carriers out there and it's so hard to know. Put out a call to all of my amazing friends so hopefully we can try some out and find out what works! He has gained a bit of weight. This morning he was 9lbs 5oz, BUT we don't think this was an accurate weight. He'd just come off the tube and that is a HUGE increase from the day before, almost a 5oz increase which is probably not right. We'll weigh again before bed and then again in the morning to get a better idea.

The older kids are doing good. Emily just finished up her state assessments and did so well she's getting a certificate from the principal today. She gets her cast off next week and is super excited about this as well. Jace is also doing good. He lost another tooth, which takes us to 3 missing currently from his mouth. :) The older 2 are on spring break next week and are looking forward to it. Benjamin has been on break this week for parent teacher conferences, and has spring break next week. He's starting to struggle in a few areas academically, so these are things we'll really have to work on and watch so he doesn't fall behind. Ariana is doing well. She's busy as always being a princess! :)
Bob is working, same old same old there. I'm home working on unpacking and taking care of the kids. Nothing new and exciting there either!
Photos soon!

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