Thursday, March 4, 2010

Behind on updates

i'm sorry I'm so darned behind. it's been an incredibly busy week. We've spent the week packing. The movers will be here at 8am tomorrow morning. It's been hectic to say the least. Everyone is doing well.
Mr Eli was up to 8lbs 14.2oz this morning. ALSO he laughed. I tickled his neck while changing his diaper and have laughed. It was his cute tiny little giggle. My little man is getting so big. He did some modified tummy time with his nurse this evening and also worked on holding toys in his hands and opening his fingers up wide.
the other kids are doing well! School has been busy this week for Emily as it's been state testing.
Bob's been working, and i've been packing. not much exciting to report at all. I will update as I can, but the next few days will be sporadic with the move. updates and pictures coming soon!

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