Monday, March 1, 2010

Day of 3's for Mr Eli

My little man had a day of 3's. Today he is 3 months old, weighed 8lbs 11.6oz, and was 19inches long. At birth he was 5lbs 11.6 oz, and 16 inches long. So at 3 months old he gained 3 pounds and grew 3 inches since birth! :)
He's had an on and off kind of day. He's spent some time happy and some time screaming. He fought sleep for quite a bit this afternoon, but his nurse was finally able to get him to dose off while I was cooking!
The older 4 have been a disaster today. fighting and screaming and breaking beds. Not fun at all.
We are getting to finally experience bob's new work scheduale this week and we are definitely looking forward to it. He works 2 days, then off 1 day, then works 2 days, then off 2 days! This last Saturday was his 1st Saturday off in 7 months and it was oh so nice! We spent the whole day together as a family! Almost forgot what it was like to have a saturday off! so nonetheless tomorrow is his 1 day off so we are looking forward to that mid week break! And the getting off at 9pm instead of 11pm has been oh so nice as well. We actually get a bit of unwind time at night, and get to bed a little bit earlier.
I'm pretty good. I've spent the entire day packing. I got quite a bit done, and once Bob is here tomorrow we can get even more done together!
More updates soon!

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