Sunday, February 28, 2010

Individual Updates

Today I'll update backwards! :)
Bob~ He's doing well. Busy! Health wise he is good. Fully recovered, and goes back to the doc in 3 months to get his next testing schedualed. We were out shopping at a local retail store the other day and got to chatting with the assistant manager. He all but offered Bob a job right then and there. It was funny. When we moved here a year ago we would have jumped on an offer like that, but none came, and now they do. go figure. :) I'm sure Bob found it flattering though, and was briefly tempted by the idea of getting back into retail management; notice I said briefly though! :) He also bought his 1st suit! :) Looks super handsome! We are going to a super dressy event and he for once gets to dress up as well!

Me~ I'm ok. Busy, as always. Taking care of the kids and working on packing. I hate packing but we are so excited to finally be getting into a larger home with full working electricity and plumbing and such! I went out this last Thursday evening completely by myself. It was really nice! I got a bit of crocheting done, and alot of nice conversation with friends! I bought a beautiful dress for above named dressy event, and now I just need to go jewelry shopping! :)

Emily~ She's doing well. Getting super sick of her cast. It's rubbing on her pinky and making her pretty miserable. May need to call the doc and see what they can do. She has state testing coming up this coming week. That will definitely keep her busy at school. She has chosen to be baptised and will be in mid-March. She's pretty excited about that.

Jace~ He's doing well. Staying busy with school, and tutoring 2 days a week, and TKD. His reading has really expanded and he can read whole books with little help. We've been really drilling on his spelling words and he's doing sooo much better! he's hoping to get a 100% on the test he took last Friday, so then he gets $1! He also has chosen to be baptised and will be at the same time as Emily.

Benjamin~ He's Ben. He's doing well at school and still enjoys it. We wil be having his trasition meetings coming up in April. He's still a mess. Constantly getting into everything and being as destructive as could be. No matter how much we try to keep everything away he seems to still find things. It's a constant struggle. We spend all day chasing him around and keeping track of what he's doing.

Ariana~ She's doing good as well. She's starting to learn her ABC's and 123's. She also loves singing and dancing and spends alot of time doing that! :) She will be starting school soon hopefully and we think she will really enjoy that! She has begun to copy Benjamin a bit to much, so we really have to keep an eye on that.

Eli~ He's doing pretty good. Seems to be stuck on his weight gain. He doesn't seem ready to up his night time feedings though. Still really fussy during the day hours, and we spend alot of time walking him around the house. We are wondering if he's teething as he has a tiny white bump on the bottom gums. We keep forgetting that he'll be 3 months old tomorrow. It still seems like he's a tiny little newborn. Come evening he's super sleepy and hard to wake up. Trying to keep his feeding balanced thru-out the day isn't always easy.

This week will be a busy week. Eli will hopefully be getting situated with his permanent nurse. He also has OT, and he sees the audiologist this week. We have a few school appts, and obviously moving. We are super excited! We have hired movers this time to keep things going smoothly and to get it done quickly. Also at the end of the week Brian is supposed to be coming to visit with the children, so we will see how that goes.

More updates soon!

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