Sunday, February 21, 2010

Loooong Day

It's been a long day. Eli started crying early this morning and didn't really stop until around 5pm. I have no clue what was going on. He nursed TONS and was held constantly but nothing seemed to help. He finally crashed out. Since he had nursed 8 times today, I let him go 4 hours till I forced him awake for his next feeding. He was resting so peacefully. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day for him. I've been pumping away, but still haven't pumped enough today to make it thru 1 night. Very frustrating. A friend came over today and helped me order some Goat's Rue and brought me some mothers milk tea. Hopefully these 2 additions will bring me some changes. Tomorrow Eli's nurse will be here for 6 hours, so I'm hoping to get a few things done!

The older 2 spent most of their afternoons downstairs. Jace playing nintendo and watching movies on his Tv. Emily has discovered how to watch movies instantly on her laptop with our netflix and had a great time with that! Benjamin and Ariana both amazingly fell asleep and took decent naps. I was shocked! After they woke up they headed downstairs and watched TV with the older 2. It was incredibly nice! I wish they would be so good more often. When I put Benjamin to bed I cuddled my cheek up against his and told him thank you for being such a good boy this afternoon/evening. I'm not sure if he really gets what I mean, but just in case I wanted to make sure he knows that I noticed! We are going to be getting into our family doc with Ben here soon, to find out what to do about his destructive and self harming behaviors. I'm hoping to get some answers.

The last of our news is we are moving. We've been knowing this was coming. The rental we are in is a disaster. The heating and electrical have always been an issue, but with Eli now it's even worse. The electrical outlets spark and just completely cut off randomly all the time. His feeding pump gets turned off in the middle of the night. We can't get the house to a warm temp. The landlord refuses to fix it. It's a problem that we can no longer deal with. We found a place that meets our needs perfectly. 1 year old home, 5 bedroom, 3 bath, 3 car garage, large yard, full finished basement with a large family room! We get the keys on March 6th and will be moving in around the 15th. We are super excited!

This week will bring lots of busy stuff. Eli's scale should be in, he gets his Mickey on Tuesday, getting a full nursing staff(hopefully), beginning to pack, continuing to deal with the school issue from last week, and getting Ben into the doctor! As long as the typical TKD twice, tutoring twice, and all that fun stuff! :) Updates as they come!

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~* Aria *~ said...

You might want to consider suing the landlord for moving expenses since he's refunding to do basic maintenance on the home you're currently in.

Sometimes babies just have days where they scream their little heads off