Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday evening update

We've had some interesting school experiences this week. First Emily came home from school yesterday crying and it took a bit to figure out what was going on. Apparently 18 kids were causing trouble, and 5 were not. (Emily was one of the 5 not.) The teacher had finally had enough and started yelling at them, telling them that she now hates teaching, and that it's the kids fault for ruining it for her. She said she refuses to go home looking like crap because of them. She wouldn't teach them because no one was listening. I called to question and the teacher said it was the worst day of her life and that Emily wasn't the problem. Not an acceptable answer. So of course Emily didn't want to go to school today and listen to her teacher potentially yell. Bob called and the principal is "looking into it". We are not happy. This year hasn't brought good luck with the school. Next year things will have to change.

Jace is doing well. He's been pretty clingy and lovey the last day or two. I'm thinking it's because they've been gone so much, and he's just trying to get resituated. He's always been a bit of a mommas boy! :)

Benjamin is an absolute disaster. He is constantly getting into everything and getting himself or someone else hurt. This evening he some how found a stamp pad and stamps and covered Ariana's walls with ink. His class hosted a parents night last night and he and I went together. It was The Very Hungry Caterpillar. He was in a mood all night and his teacher couldn't even get him to sit down and focus.

Ariana is doing well. They are still trying to get all of her school paperwork done. Apparently there was a water main break and it flooded out the administration area. So there has been some delays. They are hoping to get everything finished up next week. Until then she's still home full time with me!

Elias is doing pretty good. He's doing well with his night time feedings and is still at 33cc/hr for 8 hours each night. He's doing pretty good during the day. He took 2-2oz bottles today for his nurse without choking, so that was super nice. I'm nursing during the day and still pumping all the time trying to keep up. He's been pretty sleepy again lately and that's a bit of a concern. Today he was pretty fussy if set down, so was held alot. He spent a bit of the late morning/early afternoon cuddled up with his nurse. His Mickey's came yesterday and we are super excited to get it put in on Tuesday. Ari and I went shopping today and found a few pieces of clothing that Eli can wear. He needs newborn sized sleepers with buttons only, so we can have easy access to his GTube but he can't. Not easy to find.

Bob and I are pretty good. It's just doing everything we can to make it a day at a time. We don't sleep enough, eat enough and consistently, and never seem to have a few quiet moments together. But other than that same old same old.

more updates over the weekend.

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~* Aria *~ said...

New class for Emily. Your child should not fear her teacher. Even single experiences like this can make a child hate school for years.