Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rough Night

Mr Eli had a bit of a rough night. He's been in quite a bit of pain and they've had to do some pain meds. Also early in the evening he wouldn't stop screaming and flipping around. She gave him morphine and he kept freaking out. She looked at his foot and his entire foot was purple and his whole leg was swelled 3 times his normal size. Something went wrong with the IV and they had the bandage on too tight and it was causing major troubles and discomfort. The moment she unwrapped his foot and took the IV out he quite screaming. As the night has gone on his breathing has gotten alot worse, and they had to turn his oxygen up and do breathing treatments. The last time we got up with him he was fussing, the nurse ran out to get something and as i touched him I realized his IV cord was around his neck. i could only get 1 finger under it and Bob had to lift Eli to free it. The nurse is who had gotten up with him at his last awake time. We asked for a doctor between the breathing and the frustration with our nurses not doing their job and she said no need to page one would be in in a few hours. We are VERY unhappy and will be having a MAJOR word with our doctor. We want out of PICU and onto the peds floor where we actually trust the nurses with our sons life.
more updates thru out the day as we get them.

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