Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pain for Mr Eli

Mr eli has not had a good last 24 hours. He cried a large portion of yesterday evening, most of the night, and on and off all day today. We finally called his surgeon and she took us thru an assessment of everything. She thinks that he's having some pain, so had us start him on some pain meds. We are going to see how that goes for him and go from there. After the 1st dose he was able to rest some, and then woke up crying again. Gave him his 2nd dose and he's trying to rest now. it's so hard to see him in pain.
Emily is doing well. She said that stuf is hard to do without her right arm and she needed a bit of help with a few things. It'll take some time for her to figure it out!
More updates soon!

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