Sunday, February 7, 2010

Quick update and photos!!!

I'm all packed. the older 4 kids are gone. Its quiet. strangely quiet. gives my mind way to much time to think about all of the "what ifs". Eli is resting fairly peacefully tonight...thank heavens.
we will update tomorrow as quickly as possible. Check in at 7am, surgery at 10am.
Thank you to everyone for all the prayers and texts and emails and encouragment. We need it and appreciated it!
Enjoy the photos

Here are a few recent photos of my little man. Here he is last week hanging out in his papasan.

Here is my little man hanging out in his swing the night before surgery.

Here are some photos of the lined knitting bag that I just finished up. I made it so I could carry 1 knit or crochet project with me when we went to all of Eli's doc appts and such! This hospital stay will be my 1st time to get to try it out!


DoreeneEsau said...

I love your bag. But what's not to love about bags and purses? Also, I'm a warm color person, so the color is spectacular.

Praying for Eli and you all.


DoreeneEsau said...

Love your bag. But what's not to love about bags and purses. I love the warm colors as well.

Praying for Eli and your family. Trust in God, it's for his will. (I know way easier said than done.)