Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Surgeon Updating and Reflection

Mr Eli had his check-in with his surgeon this afternoon. She took out of his GTube and put in the Mickey. Then she had me do it to make sure I knew how. It was honestly really spooky when she took the GTube out and I cringed. I was super scared to put the Mickey in but I was able to do it. It is soooo much smaller. Now to just get used to it and learn all the little tricks to using it. We were also able to see Eli's incision for the 1st time. Definitely bigger than laproscopically. The poor little man will definitely have some scars when he's older. His scale came in yesterday and we weighed him this morning. He weighed in at a super huge 8lbs 7.4oz!!!! So a definite gain! He's been a bit fussy this afternoon/evening probably from having his stomach messed with and all of that. Guessing a bit sore.

This morning Bob and I headed to our favorite place, Healing Waters, for a couples massage. It was sooo nice! We each had a 1 hr massage, then relaxed in the relaxation room and all of that. It was super nice!!! Many thanks to JenJen for watching Ben and Ari! :)

This evening our neighbors and their kids brought us dinner over. And I don't just mean a simple dinner. I mean WOW. Homemade potato soup, bread bowls, bacon, cheese, salad, dressing, etc.. Then since they knew we missed Ari's birthday they brought over birthday cake, ice cream, candles, party balloons, noise makers, filled pinata, birthday present, plates, napkins, silverware, etc.... We were in awe. No words could express to them how thankful we are to have people like them in our lives!!!
This came just after a friend this morning posted something that I'd been thinking about alot lately. Bob and I have spent many a conversation discussing how we've learned over these last 5 months (2 at the end of pregnancy as we were learning that Eli was sick, and the 3 since he's born born) who our friends truely are. There have been many people who have stepped up and been amazing helps, friends, and strong support systems, and then there have been some who we would have thought would but didn't/haven't for whatever reason or another. We've been sooo blessed to have the people in our lives that we do, and that we are even still discovering each and every day. To all of you out there, be it our "internet friends" our local friends and family, and our long distance friends and family we love all of you so very much. You all are part of the reason that we are able to keep doing this each and every day!!!

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