Saturday, February 13, 2010


We are home!!!! YIPPPPEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! I've never been so happy to be home. Now to figure out our scheduale and our life and how to balance it all and make it work. I need to buy a storage cabinet I think so we have somewhere to keep all of his tubes and medical supplies and such. Right now he has his GTube and we will get the Mickey a week from Monday. We can't wait for the Mickey as it's so much easier. We keep hearing how much we'll love it. He's had his 1st nursing since we've been home and he's been pretty grumpy. I just vented his tube for the 1st time by myself and he seems a little calmer, so hopefully we are figuring this out!
I promise to post more with photos tonight once we are situated and unpacked!

We've been asked what we need and up till now we weren't quite sure. The biggest thing that would be of help right now would be meals and some company! Being stuck at home with Mr Eli by myself gets pretty lonely pretty fast!
thanks everyone!