Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday morning update

First weights. Monday when we checked in Eli weighed 8lbs 3oz, this morning he weighed 7lbs 13oz. So we lost 6 oz so far. hopefully we can start getting that back soon and quickly.
Eli is off oxygen, and has been since yesterday morning. He's still Q4 on breathing treatments and CPAT and he's doing well with both of those. He was on continuous GTube drip last night, 20cc every hour from 9pm to 5m. Then today they are going to let him nurse every 3 hours for 15 minutes. If he doesn't nurse for 15 minutes then he'll get that feeding in is GTube. He got his first nursing at 8am and he was super excited to get to actually nurse. He did really well and didn't need any GTube makeup.
Lastly we are up on the floor. We got up here late yesterday afternoon/early evening. The move up was a disaster and they didn't complete it and get organized until 9:30pm last night. I was beyond frustrated.
Doc rounds haven't begun yet this morning, they are a bit slower upstairs. Will update when we know more there.

In other Eli news. He was approved for the TA waiver, so that will give him 213 hours a month of Nurse/Respite. He was also approved for Social Security. And lastly Dr Murphy in KC, got all the paperwork and such and Eli will check into Children's Mercy the morning of April 5th for scans, profiles, and testing. Fun stuff. We found out all of these things this week.

Our older 4. It's been a LONG FUN week for my mom. Apparently this week was the week my children would get the stomach bug. Emily and Jace had it early in the week, Ari started last night, now Ben is who's left. Hopefully he won't get it. Luckily it seems to be quick moving, not even lasting 24 hours, and pretty mild.

Not much else. Hanging out at the hospital. Fun stuff. Will get some new pictures up of Mr Eli later today with updates after rounds.

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