Monday, February 1, 2010

Quick Update after Dr Z

Mr Eli had Dr Z (GI) this morning. He did gain some weight. 7lbs 12.5oz and 19 inches long. Still not enough. On top of that he's choking and throwing up with every feeding. She is hoping that Dr Mo (surgeon) will be able to get his surgery schedualed for Friday instead of waiting until next week. She is reccomending Nissen Fundoplication and the Gtube. He will be hospitalized for atleast 3 days and will be able to come home once he's eating and keeping food down, and most likely for him his weight will need to be going up, even just slightly. I'm soooo not looking forward to this. Luckily we love the nurses and will feel right at home! :)
more updates as we know them....

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Hannah said...

Thinking of you guys, and praying that Mr. Eli gets through the procedures easily.