Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday Morning update

Eli is seeing some improvement. The little dude keeps ripping off his oxygen so they are letting him go without this morning and he's doing well. his respirations are a bit high from not having the forced air, but not enough that they are concerned yet. Going to watch him and see if he starts getting tired from not having it. He's super hungry all of a sudden and has been really fussy. His surgeon came in and since he's tolerted the 10cc an hour in his GTube she is going to let him try a 1oz bottle for 10minutes. What's not taken will be put in his GTube. He will get to try this every 3 hours until 8pm. Then he'll be on 20cc and hour all night from 8p to 8a. If he does well with all of this today we get to try and nurse tomorrow!!!!!!! YIPPPPEEEE!!! They are also changing his breathing treatments from Q2 to Q4. He has to be on Q4 to be able to go up to the regular peds floor. I sooo miss holding him. I've held him 1 time for about 20 minutes since his surgery monday morning! He will get his Mickey about 2 weeks after surgery and I can't wait for that! The GTube makes me nervous because it's so big and sticks out from his stomach so far. We will learn how to care for both over the next few days.
Eli is crying. more updates later.

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