Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday Check In

We are still here. It's been a busy few days. The older 2 have had half days because of parent/teacher conferences. So we had those yesterday. It all went well. Alot of information that we are sorting thru to make some big decisions.
Eli has had some rough days. He's been choking and throwing up even more. Tonight he screamed for over 5 hours, clearly uncomfy and there was nothing I could figure out to make him feel any better. He's finally asleep on the couch next to me and of course it's technically time for his last feeding. I'm letting him go a bit as he's just finally sleeping and his stomach appears to be settled. He had Rainbows out today, OT and speech. They were great and gave us lots of useful information. A basic plan has been set in place for after his surgery and we are so greatful to be continually expanding our support team.
tomorrow is Eli's appt with Dr. Molik the surgeon so we will have more detailed info after that!
I'm exhausted. We aren't sleeping much, and I'm trying to constantly balance Eli's needs with the needs of the older 4. Eating, sleeping, downtime, everything is never a guarantee and I'm just dragging.
If anyone is bored feel free to text and set up a time to stop by. Company is always greatly appreciated!!!

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