Monday, February 8, 2010

Out of Surgery...In PICU

Eli is out of surgery. His surgery went well, but like his doctor had predicted he wasn't able to wake up and come off the ventilator. They moved him straight over to PICU and we were able to see him for like 30 seconds as they made the transfer. He had tubes, IV's, ventilator and at that point they were bagging him. It was definitely scary.
He is now in the PICU still hooked up to everything. They did a chest xray to check tube placement and apparently he has fluid in his lung around his heart. She says some might be from the fluid from surgery but it looks like he probably had some pneumonia when he was admitted. Not being able to take his prilosec has caused him to become super mucusy so he's choking and gagging on that. Someone seems to be in here constantly messing with the ventilator or suctioning him. His heartrate is pretty high and he's struggling to keep it down. We can touch the top of his head and that's it. We can't hold him, cuddle up next to him, nothing.
The doc told us to expect this to be an uphill battle for him with everything he's got going on and honestly that isn't what I wanted to hear. He will flutter his eyes open for a few but not much, and then they are right back closed, he's not really waking up, although they wish he would wake up.

Below are a few pictures of Mr Eli. You can see all the tubes and monitors and such. one large monitor is whited out because apparently it's a copyright issue to take photo with it in it! :)

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Denise said...

Poor Mr. Eli! I am praying for a good recovery and not such an uphill battle as is predicted. I believe in miracles...I really do.