Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday afternoon updates

Saturday was a rough day for Eli. He's been choking alot lately and I'm rushing to try and figure out new positioning for feeds and after feeds and such. It's constantly a struggle and I spend so much time staring at him making sure his breathing is just right. Any little cough or gag and we are running to check on him, knowing that by the time we hear him, he's probably already aspirated. Gotta love SILENT aspiration. :( Last night his stomach was unhappy and he was refluxing alot and everytime I would hold him he would want to nurse because he doesn't know what else to do to help himself feel better. Nursing of course doesn't help and then he's back in the cycle. I finally got him to fall asleep on me on the couch last night. Of course the position that was comfy for him was horrible for me. We stayed that way for almost 2 hours, simply so he could get some much needed comfortable rest. My shoulders and back are of course throbbing after it last night but I do what I have to do for Mr E. He's in a bit better mood so far today, but his rough part of the day is still ahead. We'll see how it goes.
The 4 older kids had church this morning, and are now spread out throughout the house napping, playing, watching TV, and goofing off on You Tube. I'm hoping to get some basic housework done today, and my goal is to actually cook a dinner tonight. That's rare around here because it's almost impossible to get enough time in the kitchen to actually cook.
Ariana and I went out shopping yesterday for big girl underwear. Slowly but surely she's been getting better with using the potty so we decided to just bite the bullet and switch her over. pullup still for bedtime and errands, and underwear at the house. If she's like the boys she'll switch over to underwear full time quickly. She was so excited and picked out all the girly stuff. Go figure! :)
This week will be busy as always. We have Dr Z (GI doc), Dr Mo (surgeon for reflux surgery and GTube), home health, and we will be finishing up all the TA waiver stuff and hopefully getting that started this week. We also have 2 parent teacher conferences, 3 half days of school, 2 nights of TKD, 2 tutoring sessions after school, Bob has a doc appt, and well I think that might be all so far. As if that isn't enough! :) Like always I will try and update once a day with all the new info!
Love to all!

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