Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sit down with the surgeon

What a day. This morning we met with Bob's GI surgeon. She wanted us to come in and talk in person about the biopsy results. She said she wanted to make sure that we 100% understood the severity of the tests. She said that it was moments away from cancer. the composition of the cells were horribly mutated and displaced. She again said over and over how lucky he was that it ha started bleeding and they took it out when they did. She has decided to have his next colonoscopy n 6 months instead of the original 1 year she was thinking. Normally repeat colonoscopies are done every 5 to 10 years. If that tells you how worried she is. Luckily we really like her and trust her and think she's a great doc, since we will apparently be around her a bit! :)

Mr Eli started running a fever about 15 minutes after we got home from Bob's surgeon. Doc had me immediately bring him in. So far urine test looks clear, full results in the morning. The doc is hoping it was from him being bundled up in his carseat and the heater in the car....since he still has so much trouble keeping his own body temp level. It's gone as of now so we are keeping a close eye on him. We also got a prescription today from his doctor for a calorie booster. We will put it into some bottles of expressed breastmilk to give him extra. It's not formula and it's easily digested, made specifically for breastmilk. We are hoping it works as this is a good compromise for us!

Ari had her first IEP mtg today. They said she did beautifully on all of her testing and would like to discuss further what kind of services everyone thinks she needs as she turns 3. We will be having another mtg next week with both teams to talk further.

Jace had tutoring again today. We aren't getting much info from him on what they are doing there. Looks like we will be sending a note to school for some more detailed info. We got report cards last week and he's definitely still struggling.

Emily got her haircut today. It looks very nice! She got her report card as well and did amazing like always, Principals Honor Roll!! She's been doing TKD twice a week still and has now started doing some workout tapes and programs on ON Demand. She's enjoying it and that's what matters!

Benjamin is a mess. He's been getting into everything lately and is pretty exhausting. He's back to refusing to eat anything after lunch, and it's a big fight every day. He's being pretty self destructive and we are having to really keep a close eye and attempt to find safer alternatives for him. His IEP is next week and we are definitely looking forward to sitting down with his team and chatting.

Me...I never quite know what to say about myself. I'm just exhausted. Everything is so hard to deal with. Everytime I turn around it's something new. I'm trying to stay strong for my family, and it's getting harder and harder every day. With Bob being sick, I've had to take on even more and have tried not to worry him and put any extra stress on him. I'm rapidly hitting the point where I need a break, a bit of time outside of the house.


Brian said...

Umm.. they might want to run an UPPER GI on him as well..

Heather said...

Is this Brian as in my children's father, my technical husband Brian?? Since when do you care? Maybe you should begin to worry about YOUR CHILDREN. we have Bob taken care of thanks.