Sunday, January 10, 2010

Update on Bob

it's been a long few days. I feel like I say that alot by the way. Bob had his surgical procedure done on Friday. During the colonoscopy they found a very large polyp. She was able to remove it right then. We have to wait until Wednesday probably for the biopsy results. Apparently at some point all colon polyps are cancerous, it just depends on when. This does not mean that his was at this point, but it could be, or it would have been some time down the road. The doc did say that it was a good thing that he came in when he did. Now that he's had one his chances of another are very high. So he will have to have regular checks and such. We will get more info from his GI this coming week. He's been pretty sore afterwards since it had been so many days of no eating, and the blood loss, and fluid loss and such. He's slowly started eating again as his stomach has been pretty sore. Last night he did pretty decent with dinner and wasn't as sore so we will see how today goes!

Eli is doing pretty good. He gained a 1/2 oz on his weigh this morning. That takes us to 6lbs 10oz. So slowly but steadily. Not as much as his doc wanted by monday but we are hoping that it's enough that she will give us another week.

Emily went to the doc on Friday as well. She has a sinus infection, so doc put her on some meds for that. Hopefully they will kick in soon. She's grown quite a bit as well. She was up to 4ft 8in!!! She's in the 90% percentile for height! WOW!

The other 3 are doing well. No changes with them!
More updates tomorrow after Eli's doc appt!

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Bob said...

I just would like to say thank u. Thank you for being the most caring and wonderful women that i have ever had in my life. We have been through so much and I know that i couldnt have made it through all of this with any other person. I love u so much and I just wanted you to know. ME.