Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Biopsy Results are In

Bob's surgeon called this afternoon. The polyp was not cancer now, but it was 100% guaranteed to have turned cancerous soon. She said he was beyond lucky that it started bleeding and they were able to remove it quickly. We meet with the surgeon tomorrow and he will have colonoscopys yearly. We are thankful that this one hadn't turned into cancer, but are beyond nervous for when the next one comes, and what to expect.

Eli had home health today and they are going to come and weigh him daily until we can figure out the scale situation. So hopefully we will see some good gains between now and Monday.

Jace had tutoring, and now Jace and Emily are at TKD. Ben and Ari are both on an errand with Bob, leaving me and Mr Eli at home. It's super quiet and I LOVE it! I wish I got bits of time like this every day!

Tomorow we have Ari's IEP mtg, not really looking forward to it. IEP mtgs never seem to go quite as planned. The good news is we love her Rainbows team so that should help!

More updates tomorrow once we know more!

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