Thursday, January 7, 2010

It never ends

Holy cow it's been a hectic week. Eli had 2 doctors appointments, 2 home health appointments, and 2 rainbows appointments. Bob has had 2 doctors appointments, and a doctors appointment and a procedure tomorrow. Emily has 1 doctors appointment tomorrow. So that makes 10 appointments in 5 days. This is all on top of 2 nights of TKD and 2 afternoons of Tutoring. I'm exhausted beyond belief. I also got a call from Ben's school that we need to have an IEP re-write meeting next week on top of all my regular appointments.
So I'll just start at the bottom and work my way up! :)

Eli~ He's gained 6oz since saturday, and 2.5oz since his Monday doc appointment! He's officially up to 6lbs 8z as of this morning. That's the good news end. The bad news end is he's super fussy and seems pretty uncomfy. If you touch his stomach he fusses and he keeps scrunching up his legs and really fidgety and grouchy. The doc just called and the next thing she wants us to try is me cutting out all caffeine and dairy from my diet. I had dropped down but hadn't completely cut. Caffeine isn't an issue. I hate soda and coffee, but those who know me know DAIRY. HOLY COW. That's my biggy. So yuppers this should be interesting. The next step after that is surgery which she really wants him to be a bit bigger for.

Ari~ Nothing new with little miss. She's been hanging out with me and Mr Eli most of the time. She's decided she now has a place in her heart for legos, not just all things pink and princess. :)

Ben~ He's completely his current IEP goals and his teacher called all excited telling me that we needed to rewrite them. We will all be meeting next week to draw up a new IEP.

Jace~ He started back with TKD this week, and his tutoring. It's kept him pretty darned busy. He's been playing Wii when he doesn't have homework and is having fun figuring out the new Super Mario. So glad the Wii remotes have the wrist strap or we'd have a heck of a time, as he gets so excited!

Emily~ She's got a cold that just won't go away. She's had a cough and loss of voice daily that she can't quite seem to get over. She's heading to the doc tomorrow. She's enjoying TKD as well. This last Tuesday there was a level 7 black belt visiting who taught the class. He told Emily she was doing well, and she was sooo excited!

Bob~ He's not doing so well. Wednesday morning he started passing a larger quantity of blood and blood clots. Started getting light headed and his stomach was really hurting. Went to the doc. She basically put him on bedrest and got him into a GI doc today. They are doing a colonoscopy and biopsies tomorrow. He had xrays of his stomach today. So he's laying low and relaxing as much as possible.

Me~ There really is no me right now. Me is all of the above 6 people. I'm here, I think. Really I'm here, there, and everywhere.

I will update more tomorrow when I know more.

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Julie said...

Hold in there've got so much on your shoulders right now, just try and keep yourself healthy too..You are in my thoughts and prayers daily!