Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Quick check in

Today has been another hectic day. We spent most of the day on the phone with doctors, insurance companies, and home health. Nobody in Wichita had his size of NG tube in stock for some strange reason. After hours of phone calls finally got them ordered and they will be in late tonight/early tomorrow morning. So he'll get his NG put back in tomorrow morning. He's been spitting up alot and pretty fussy this evening, so not sure how much of the feedings he's getting at the moment. We are trying some switching around on the times of his medicine so hopefully we will start seeing a change there as well. We got all of his films on CD and will be mailing that tomorrow morning to KC. Also finished up his TA waiver paperwork this morning. They are hoping to get that started Feb 1st. I'm definitely looking forward to that as the help would be greatly appreciated and SOOOO needed! He meets with Dr Mo on Feb 4th to discuss and scheduale the G Tube. So we won't have the NG for to long.

I had to go into the doc today for a tooth ache. It's gotten so bad that the infection is now in my sinuses. NOT fun at all. On antibiotics and dragging pretty badly. Hoping they kick in quickly.

Other than that not much new to report. more tomorrow.


Brian said...

U need root canal

Jodi said...

Stay Strong! You can get through this! ** BIG HUGS!! **