Saturday, January 16, 2010

Another home Health scale gain

We got to meet Eli's weekend home health nurse. He was super nice and really good with Mr E. Eli gained a bit of weight and his unofficial weight was 7lbs 1oz!!! I was thinking that he had a doc appt on Monday but because of the holiday it's on tuesday. So that gives us 1 extra day to hopefully gain some weight. Seems like the polycose is mostly out of his system and things are switching back to normal.

Emily has her 1st sleepover tonight. A little girl in her class is having a few of the girls over for a Wii game night with pizza and cake and a sleepover for her birthday. Emily is super excited.

Jace is going to spend the night at his grandparents for some special one on one time. He's pretty excited.

That leaves me at home tonight with the little 3. Well sorta. We have dinner at my parents so that will take up some of our evening. Hopefully they will be ready to head to bed when we get home and Mr E will hopefully be in a good mood and I can have a bit of quiet time this evening. Hoping to get some knitting done. We shall see how it goes.

Home health is back out tomorrow for another weight check. Hoping for some more gain.

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