Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tubes Coming Back

Mr Eli had an appt with Dr H today, his family doc. After alot of talking with her and his GI and all of that it's been decided to put the NG tube back in while we wait for his appt with the surgeon for the G tube. He will get his NG back in tomorrow morning. They are still working to get him schedualed in KC. Have to get all his charts, sonos, xrays, scans, etc sent up there first, and that's taking some time and lots of running around to sign releases. We had his appt for the TA waiver as well. Hoping to find out for sure on that by the end of the week.
Ben's IEP went well. Alot of talking about this year and looking ahead for kindergarten. It looks like we have a good plan in place and I'm so excited about the upcoming year for Benjamin!
This evening was a disaster. Ben and Ari found a pair of scissors that Emily and Jace apparently didn't put away. They cut up everything in Ari's room...books, bedding, toys, etc PLUS Ben looks like a cancer patient with virtually no hair and Ari has more layers than one would EVER want. We had to cut all of ben's hair with the trimmers and it's still a mess. Many areas are literally cut to the scalp. I'm so frustrated. Frustrated with EVERYTHING.
I'm not feeling like I can keep going. I'm exhausted. I'm missing all of my friends. I need help...I need people around. I need another set of hands, eyes, etc. I need support. I honestly never knew that life could be this hard, this exhausting......

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