Sunday, January 17, 2010

Quick Check In

Home health weight was still 7lbs 1oz. No gain yesterday. Now today he's been very fussy and very sleepy. Not holding our breath for a good gain. He cried for almost 4 hours this afternoon and took alot of work to calm him. He's been mostly calm for about an hour.

Benjamin has been a disaster this evening, and of course Ariana follows along with whatever he comes up with. Quite a mess. Emily is home from her sleepover and starting to look pretty tired. Jace is also looking a bit tired after his sleepover at his grandparents. Hoping to get the kids to bed soon and have some quiet time.

The next 2 days will be nice as all 7 of us will be home together for 48 straight hours. It's been awhile! Hoping to get some pictures taken of everyone and will get those put up soon! Eli has his GI check on tuesday so will also update that when we are home!

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