Friday, January 15, 2010

Quick Eli updates ***LAB UPDATES***

***docs office called and his labs came back negative. She wants to recheck next week to keep a close eye. So luckily it looks like we bypassed it this time! Also home health came again (they are daily right now) his unofficial weight was 6lbs 15oz. She definitely agreed as well to stop the polycose, which I had already done. As it's getting out of his system he's eating more. So hopefully he will be back to normal nursings tomorrow.***

I'm behind on updates. It's been a busy few days. Wednesday was when Eli had a fever, went to doc and they did a bag catch urinalysis. They thought it looked clear. Called Thursday morning after the 24hr culture and it showed something. So we went in for a cath clean catch yesterday. Waiting on the 24hr culture. Hoping it's not an infection. They put him on the polycose to mix with breastmilk to try and gain weight faster and that's been a disaster. It overly fills him to the point of bloating, so he is spitting up way more, and has been super uncomfortable. Then he is so full he won't eat anymore for hours. We've tried multiple times and adjusted different ways and none of it has worked. Because of all of this he has only gained 1 oz so far this week. His GI doc will definitely not be happy with this news. Hoping to catch up with the rest of today and this weekend.

Everyone else is doing well. No changes with any of the kids. Bob is doing alot better. Still watching what he eats, but other than that all is good.

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