Sunday, January 24, 2010

Look ahead to the coming week

First I'll recap the weekend. Housework, dinner at my parents, grocery shopping, and a migraine. That pretty much sums it up. Mr Eli had a rough saturday evening, but a good day so far this evening. Thank heavens because I had a migraine all afternoon and early evening.
The week ahead is going to be beyond hectic.
Monday~ Eli has Dr Z, his pediatric GI. We will have another weight check and again discuss all the surgical options. Especially since Dr F, his local urologist, wants us to go to KC now. Then it's a rush to get into Dr H, his pediatrician, and get all the phone calls and such done with KC.
Then Monday afternoon Benjamin has his IQ testing for Social Security. We were told to expect 4 hours. YIKES. No idea how Ben is going to deal with all of that. Curious for the results though.
Tuesday~ We have Eli's TA waiver mtg. They come to our home and go thru tons of questions and evaluations to rate Eli on a scale. We don't exactly understand the whole process so are interested in finding out more.
Then in the afternoon we have Ben's IEP mtg at his school. Alot to talk about there and definitely hoping to get some good answers.
Jace has tutoring. Then Emily and Jace have TKD.
This is simply the 1st half of the week so far. I've gotta get an appt schedualed for Eli with his pediatrician and if I have time I need to get into my doc. I've been having headaches and such and can't seem to get past it. The doc for me is at the end of the list, but still hoping to be able to get an appt this week.
Here are a few pictures from the weekend. The 4 older kids playing with their draws and an etch a sketch. Then Mr eli propped up with his frog, and hanging out in his bouncy seat.

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