Thursday, January 21, 2010

Quick Check In

Mr Eli had home health out again today. His unofficial weight was 7lbs 5oz. His temp was also elevated again, but not qualifying as a fever yet. So keeping a close eye. He had his first in home therapy with Rainbows, mostly got alot of paperwork done. The are going to try and get some respite set up, and also help get paperwork and such done for SSI. We heard back on the TA waiver and they will be coming out to do his inhome on Tuesday morning. Hoping to get everything set up and organized soon. I'm beyond exhausted and really needing some breaks.

Ariana is doing good. She had all of her meetings this week. Filled out all the paperwork to get her started in Head Start preschool on an intervention plan. Hopefully will get all the info for it soon.

Benjamin has IEP coming up next week. Everyone is hoping to have some good discussions and figure out some goals to start addressing alot of the behavioral issues. He also has all of his IQ testing next week as well. It is a 4 hr appt, so I'm a bit nervous to see how he will do with that.

Jace is doing pretty good. He's got a bit of a cough right now, doesn't seem to be turning into anything worse though luckily. He's still doing all of his after school tutoring, and is getting his speech during school hours. We have conferences next week so hoping to get some more info and ideas from his teacher.

Emily is doing well. School for her is easy, to easy. During her conferences we'll be talking to her teacher about getting her into some of the new programs for the advanced students.

Bob and I are same as always. Life doesn't change much for the 2 of us. Tonight I did sneak out with Mr Eli and we went to stitch and bitch at our local yarn shop. It was nice to get out and be around people for awhile!
More updates soon!

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