Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Doc updates from yesterday

Yesterday Mr Eli had both of his doctors appointments. His Pediatric GI is still super concerned about his growth/weight. He started at the 5th percentile on the charts, dropped to 2nd, and now we are well under 0. He isn't gaining enough steadily, and is still losing alot. He did gain some though, and we are now up to 6lbs 7oz on her scale, and 6lbs 5.5 on our scale. She is giving him 1 more week, until next monday and she wants him somewhere over 7lbs, basically we need to gain over 10oz this week. If not then she wants to discuss the Nissen Fundoplication and a G Tube both of which are obviously surgical procedures that we were originally attempting to avoid. Eli is already eating 12 times a day so adding in additional is virtually impossible. We already push him to the point that he throws up some feedings and we have to back off a bit. He is definitely throwing up less but still is. The prilosec has made a huge difference and we are so happy for that!
In other Eli related news he is 5 weeks old today. He is also really focusing and looking at us, enjoys being talked too, and he has a tickle spot that we found. It's fun to have those slight moments of "real life" with him. Typical newborn things! :)

Emily~ She's doing good. Loving being back at school and super excited for TKD to start back up tonight. She's been writing her own songs lately and is really having fun with it. She's incredibly talented with her writing, and we are encouraging her often. She's been helping out around the house and her favorite thing to do is curl up with Mr Eli while I cook dinner or switch out the laundry!

Jace~ Is also glad to be back in school and is ready for TKD to start back up tonight as well. He also starts back up today and tomorrow with his math and reading tutoring. He's been helping out around the house a bit too and his favorite thing is vacuuming. He's started on a new medication and night and it seems to be helping calm his stomach during the nighttime. We are hoping to see the bad cycles start to become less but we won't know for a while.

Benjamin~ Is of course beyond thrilled to be back in school. He loves the scheduale and structure of being in school. He has been getting into everything and we have to constantly watch him. His speech has really been taking off over the last month and conversation has greatly improved with him! We've definitely enjoyed that one!

Ariana~ She's doing good. She loves to hang out in her room playing with her pony's, barbies, and babies. They are her life! She will be finishing up all of her testing and getting ready to start school in February. We will definitely miss he rainbows therapists, but know we will love her teacher when she starts school, as she'll be with Ben's teacher, just mornings instead of afternoons!

Bob and I are ok. Hanging in like always. I'm exhausted and missing people. We are definitely stressed at the moment with the 1 week "deadline" for Eli to gain massive weight. We are constantly looking to see what we can possibly change to even save a 1/4 of an ounce of weight loss. It's hard.

More updates soon and once I get all the pictures from the last month sorted thru I will get some posted!


ahumphries said...

Have they added calories to the breastmilk? I know you are breastfeeding but you could give him a couple bottles a day with extra calories

Heather said...

No calories added to the milk. How would you go about doing that? He's not getting any formula or things because doc afraid will make his stomach worse and we are pretty adament about breastmilk only. He also isn't a bottle fan and chokes alot more with one.

ahumphries said...

It is using your breastmilk and adding some formula to it. I would bring it up to his pediatrician. With his kidney issues I don't know what formula they would recommend. You could still continue to breastfeed but maybe a couple bottles a day be the extra calorie milk. I would bring it up to his pediatrician/ a lactation consultant.

Heather said...

The no formula is because of the reflux not his kidneys. Formula is way harder for the body to process so it sits in the stomach harder and longer. Breastmilk doesn't. :)

ahumphries said...

I wasn't sure how his kidney function is. They do put them on similac pm 60/40 sometimes because of kidney issues and electrolytes. I just wasn't sure how bad his kidneys are. I know that breastmilk is digested the best. I would just ask the pediatrician. I would just see if there is anything else to try before a nissen/gt. How early was he?