Friday, January 29, 2010

NG frustrations

Well the NG tube has been a week long disaster. Went to pick up the ordered tube at the medical supply place. They can no longer order a 5 French so they gave us a 22 inch 6 French. First of all we always use a 36 inch, secondly 6 was HUGE. and when I say HUGE holy cow. the nurses tried repeatedly to put it in and it wouldn't even make the turn past the nostril at all. Nobody has a 5, NOBODY. Can't even order the darned thing. So we are just going to try and push feeds as much as possible until the doc this week for the Gtube. So frustrating all around. Pushing feeds isn't so easy. little man just wants to sleep. i've only gotten him to eat 6 times today so far. Humph. It's really frustrating and I don't know what else to do differently.

the kids didn't have school today. All this darned snow. i almost feel like we are back in Iowa. They are all already bored and we still have the 2 weekend days! :)

i'm learning to crochet so that's kept me with something to do. It's definitely different from knitting, and it's been fun learning something new. i'm like always self learning, and am really enjoying it. Working on a granny square blanket right now. i'll post pics when it's done!

I would update more but I'm dragging tonight. More this weekend!

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