Monday, January 11, 2010

update on the men

Updates on the men in my life.
I'll start with Bob. I ended up having to take him to the ER last night. As the days went on he was getting more and more uncomfy. Doc had him do things to try and help and none of them were working. So she finally sent us to the ER last night. The did Xrays and apparently after the colonoscopy his colon had a spot that was kinked or basically temporarily paralized/asleep. So everything he was eating was backing up behind this causing all of the stomach pain. So they basically had him go back thru the colon prep. He had to do that last night and it finally kicked in this morning. Now his stomach is pretty sore and he's obviously quite dehydrated. They have him back on a clear liquid diet and he can slow start adding in the BRAT (bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast) diet once he's past this part. Hopefully that will help this time around. Still waiting on biopsy results.

Onto Mr Eli...He had his appointment with Dr Z this morning, he's GI. We have now found out that our scale is broken. He has actually only gained 4oz this week, which isn't good. She is giving us 1 more week, and then it's looking like the 2 surgeries, the 1 for reflux and the G-tube. We don't know what else to do and where else to adjust. I'm at a complete loss. She suggested trying to replace 1 feeding with formula, but that unto itself will be a huge problem too. We are making phone calls and rushing to try and figure out what the next best move is. Will update more when we know more.

Everyone else is the same. Good. In school. We are trying to keep everyone else's lives as normal as possible. I'm exhausted, past exhausted actually.

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