Friday, January 1, 2010

First Update of 2010

Happy New Years everyone!!
Eli lost weight today. He weighed in at 6lbs 1.5oz. His temp has been slightly up today for him, but not fever level yet. We are keeping a close eye on it. He's been a bit sleepier and hasn't eaten quite as well today, but seems to be picking up a bit tonight.
The big kids spent a big portion of the day doing some house stuff. Got all the rooms organized and arrainged, got the last of the christmas decorations put away, and got all the regular pretties and all of those things back out. The house looks super empty, and it's been fun reorganizing all the stuff. The big kids earned some money for their chores so they are happy about that!
I promise to get some pictures posted at the beginning of the week. Things should slightly settle down once all the kids are back in school.
Monday is a busy one. Eli has both his pediatrician and his GI doc and home health for all his labs. Rainbows is also hoping to come back out, and we've got to get his hearing tests schedualed since he had the high dose antibiotics in the hospital. We will update as we work our way thru all of the appointments next week. Hopefully we will have some weight gain again on the scale in the morning!
We just want to again thank everyone for all the prayers and support. We had never expected this last month to be this rough. We are no where near the end, and most days it's harder than it was, but we are getting slightly into a routine. Slightly. We wouldn't be making it without all the support we've received from everyone!! Love to all!

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